Dr. Bassem Shamseddine
Pediatrics Specialist

Dr. Bassem Shamseddine is a pediatrician specializing in the health and physical development of newborns and young children. He completed his specialization in pediatrics from the American University of Beirut Medical Center in 2008. Before that, he finished his Bachelor of Medicine from the Beirut Arab University in 2004.

  • Examining newborns and young children
  • Specialized medical care for children
  • Diagnosing sick children based on scientific knowledge and individual medical history
  • Prescribe and interpret lab tests
  • Prepare and administer vaccines
  • Examine and treat illness and referrals when needed
  • Diet, exercise and preventative measures for children
  • Children with minor illnesses, acute and chronic health problems and growth and development concerns
Educational Background
2008 Specialist Pediatrician American University of Beirut Medical Center
2004 Bachelor of Medicine, MBBCh Beirut Arab University
2018 to date Specialist Pediatrician Jumeirah American Clinic
2010-2017 Specialist Pediatrician Dr. Raja Asfour Clinic